Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Weekend in Photos

Yay! I am finally feeling better and I'm almost back to my normal self! I'm glad I wasn't down and out for too long, and I am really looking forward to getting back into a solid routine. Finally!

Here is a quick recap of my weekend...



This veggie tray also had some pumpernickel bread in it, but I was munching on it between teaching lessons at work!


I forgot to take some photos of dinner, but I had a chicken breast and some butternut squash.

Evening Snack


My friend and I went out to bar on Saturday night to celebrate our friend's birthday. We danced into the wee hours of the morning, which I more than consider a good workout! We had a great time and my legs were a little sore the next morning!



I had a show jumping development lesson today where I rode for an hour primarily over fences. I also rode in a volunteer orientation at work, which was roughly two hours long. It was a long way with lots of riding which is just fine with me!

A Very Late Lunch

I went right from my riding lesson to work without a break for lunch, so by the time I got around to eating it was almost supper time. I stopped by McDonald's on my way home to pick up a whole wheat grilled chicken wrap with lettuce and tomatoes. No photo though, unfortunately!


Because lunch was so late, I didn't have much of a dinner either. I had some Greek yogurt, lots of tea to warm up after a chilly day and some carrots with hummus.

That's all for this weekend! I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow with my meals already prepped and ready to go. I'm going to start this week off on the right foot after such a bad week last week.



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