Monday, June 4, 2012

Forgetful Me

Good evening, everyone! Have you had a chance to enter the Bengay Zero Degrees Giveaway yet? You have until this Friday to enter!

I was so caught up in the giveaway that I totally forgot to post about lunch. I made myself a homemade mini pizza using whole wheat naan bread.

I topped my pizza with red onions and hot peppers, as usual!

Zeke and I cuddled on the couch for a little bit while catching up on the MTV Movie Awards that aired last night.

I drank loads of necessary water in the process. Yay, hydration!

I also snacked on a bowl of steamed edamame and sea salt throughout the afternoon.

Finally, it was time for work and time just seemed to fly by...thankfully! When I got home, Casey and I made up some butternut squash medallions with garlic tomato sauce and some steamed asparagus.

We ended our evening with a nice walk with Zeke in between spurts of rain. It's been an odd day, weather-wise. I hope it clears up for tomorrow!

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