Monday, April 16, 2012

What's in My Refrigerator?

After a successful grocery shopping trip yesterday, I figured I would do another "What's in My Refrigerator?" post. Just incase you were curious!

Freezer: Talapia, buffalo boneless chicken wings (a treat, certainly not a staple!), pork ribs (because they were on sale), and chicken breasts.

Freezer Door: Salmon, mango, low sodium turkey bacon, and shrimp (behind the turkey bacon).

Top Shelf: Unsweetened Almond Dream, Bolthouse pure carrot juice, egg whites, lactose free milk, multiple water bottles, and some random condiments that won't fit in the door.

Middle Shelf: Eggs, roasted red pepper hummus, dill dip (that needs to be tossed), lots of cheese (because it was on sale), and Liberte Greek yogurt.

Bottom Shelf: Strawberries, butternut squash, cantaloupe, lentil pilaf (seen in tonight's dinner), broccoli, imitation crablegs, Casey's salami, and a friend's beer that I still need to get back to him.

Vegetable Drawer: Coleslaw mix, carrots, cucumber, brussel sprouts, a sweet potato, a red onion, a tomato, and a red potato.

Fruit Drawer: Apples, grapes, and kiwi.

Fridge Door: Butter, Nescafe Iced Java syrup, mini jams, vinegar, light cream cheese, Smucker's Simple Blends jam, multiple pizza sauces, Classico pasta sauce (that also needs to be tossed), shrimp sauce, barbeque sauces, coleslaw dressing, light mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressings, and more Bolthouse pure carrot juice.

And that's all folks! Keep in mind that this food is enough for both my husband and me. Several items, like most of the condiments, cheese and salami, are primarily for him. We both opt for fresh foods over frozen, boxed or canned; therefore, our fridge is always full and we only have one cupboard for food.

Moving along to tonight's dinner! We needed to use up some leftovers, so I heated up that lentil pilaf I mentioned earlier, along with some steamed broccoli and Buffalo boneless chicken wings.

Everything was delicious, but I think I may finally be getting sick of the Buffalo chicken. Yay! Once the boxes are gone--which I think one is already--I don't want to buy it anymore, sale or no sale.

The lentil pilaf, on the other hand, we will be purchasing again! It was deeelish!

What a nice way to spend dinner, surrounded by fluids and a big box of tissues. Bleck!

Casey and I plan on spending the night on the couch watching television. Even if I wasn't sick, I think we would still spend the evening relaxing. I love planless evenings to unwind!

Question: What's in your fridge? Have you made a similar "What's in My Fridge?" post recently?

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