Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sweet Tooth Rampage

Man, my sweet tooth has been on a rampage today! Some times when it gets to a certain point in the month, I just go crazy for sweetness. Not always, but every once and a while it happens. I started off by snacking on three dried dates to quench my sweet cravings.

They were super sweet and tasty, and definitely curbed the craving for the time being.

I tried to drink as much water as humanly possible to keep the craving at bay. It seemed to work for a little while.

For lunch, I pumped up the protein and made myself a chicken breast dipped in Frank's Red Hot Sauce. It was pretty tasty, I have to admit!

Due to all of my extra water intake, this single chicken breast filled me to the brim. That was all I had for lunch.

A few hours after I had the chicken breast, my sweet craving was back. I decided to satisfy it again in a healthy manner and made up a bowl of mixed frozen berries topped with a bit of Nesquik Plus Chocolate Syrup.

I'm not going to lie, I totally went back for seconds! I know the syrup and berries are high in sugar; however, the berries are also very high in many other vitamins and antioxidants. The syrup is also fortified with loads and loads of nutrients as well, so I'm going to write this one down as a win!

Did you notice anything about my food intake today so far? Absolutely, positively NO vegetables! Yikes!! Don't fret, my friends! I've already skimmed through the online menu for the restaurant we will be going to tonight and I've picked out some very veggie-ful options to make up for lost vegetables.

I have a few more minutes to relax on the couch with this cutie-pie before I have to go pick Casey up from work.

If I don't have time to blog after tonight's festivities, I'll see you in the morning!

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