Sunday, April 1, 2012

Shopping for the Apartment

Today has been such a success on the apartment front. Our "running errands" turned into an entire shopping spree for and cleaning of the apartment. We accomplished...
  • Organizing all of our paperwork into one neat new filing box.
  • Organized office supplies into a new desk cubby.
  • Bought and put up curtains in all three windows.
  • Put up all of our pictures.
  • Bought a new waterproof mat for under Zeke's water/food bowl.
Hooray for us! Our apartment is looking awesome and I'm SO GLAD to finally have all of our bills and paperwork organized into one tidy system.

With all of that buying, cleaning and organizing, I completely forgot to post about lunch. I had four flaxseed breaded white chicken breast strips dipped in thick Frank's Red Hot Sauce and a heaping serving of coleslaw on the side.

And since I was so late posting these lunch pictures, I actually have to go make dinner right about now!

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