Thursday, January 5, 2012

Still Thinking About Him

I stayed up far too late last night reading The Hunger Games, so it was really hard to push myself out of bed this morning to take Zeke for a walk. I did, of course, and we went out a lazy 40-minute walk. Zeke was dragging and I was quite contet to match his lazy speed.

I still can't seem to get this adorable image out of my head from yesterday's post!

When we got back from our walk, I cut myself half of a leftover protein pancake and heated it up. The pancake was made from whole wheat pancake mix, large flake oats, 3 egg whites and a hint of water. I topped the pancake with jam and ate it with a cup of Liberte Greek yogurt on the side.

I also had a cup of green tea to soak in those antioxidants!

Green tea isn't my favourite tea by a long shot, but I force myself to drink it in order to reap it's health benefits.

I would also like to share with you a couple songs I've fallen in love with lately. Enjoy!

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