Saturday, November 26, 2011

Three Meals, One Post

It was just one of those days where I was either a) too busy to post after every meal, or b) too tired to make multiple posts. Instead, I made one big post to sum up my entire day. Here it goes...

I hope up before the sun this Saturday morning to work an early shift at work. I had the entire afternoon off and all of tomorrow free, so I still get a little bit of a weekend. Despite my early wake up call, Zeke and I still managed to make it out on our usual long walk.

When I got home, I made up three delicious Kodiak Cake pancakes in record time. I didn't have time to make them all fancy, but they were delicious nonetheless.

Work was busy and stressful, so I was very grateful to be finished at 1:30pm. I wanted to get in some Christmas shopping with the afternoon off, so I hopped on over to the mall where I first ate some lunch. Now, I'm not the kind of person who is satisfied with buying all of my food from the same place. I bought a side salad and diet root beet from A&W, and paired that with a California roll from Koya. All in all, the perfect pre-shopping lunch!

I got in a great deal of Christmas shopping before calling it quits and heading home around dinner time. Casey had to work today as well, so we were both pretty beat by the time we finally met up around dinner time. We made a quick grocery run and picked up a barbeque chicken for dinner. My tastebuds were all out of whack by the time we sat down to eat, so I had a barbeque chicken breast with a bowl of mandarin orange slices. Weird, but tasty!

That's about all for now! The three of us are heading out to spend the day at my parent's house tomorrow. We'll be having dinner with some relatives and watching our hometown Christmas parade. It's possible that you may get another 3-in-1 post tomorrow if I'm too busy to post. Either way, brace yourself for a great post coming your way!

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