Thursday, November 24, 2011

Return of My Health

Hello everyone!

Thank you for bearing with me as I took some time off during the past two days to recover and get my health back up to par. I'm feeling much better and will resume blogging as per usual.

This morning, I was very grateful to be able to get out on a long walk with Zeke. It's funny the little things you miss when you're too sick to do them. Sometimes I dread waking up so early to take Zeke on a walk, but this little illness has made me realize how great they are.

After our walk, I came home to a big bowl of steel cut oats. I haven't been eating much lately and certainly not healthy or balanced meals, so my body was screaming for some nutrition. I made up a bowl of steel cut oats with skim milk and a hint of maple syrup, along with a bowl of pineapple and peach slices on the side.

All in all, a great morning! It's going to be a busy, but fun day today. I work all day, then I'm off to a riding lesson followed by bowling with some friends. I couldn't ask for a better day ahead of me!

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