Sunday, November 27, 2011

Parade with the Family

Casey and I spent our rainy Sunday at my parent's house, enjoying both the company and the relaxation.

First, we picked up some Starbucks on our drive out of the big city. I had very little for breakfast, so I opted for a slightly sweeter than usual beverage. I ordered a tall nonfat no whip half sweet white mocha and Casey had a skinny peppermint mocha (his favourite)!

Despite not being allowed to have a Starbucks, Zeke enjoyed the drive!

We arrived to my parent's house around noon and I snacked my way through lunch. I made up some "puffy" oatmeal cookies substituting 1/4 cup of cocoa powder instead of the chocolate chips, and my mom provided lots of other tasty snacks.

Zeke and kitty Mowgli got along just fine!

When it was finally time for the parade, we all got suited up to brave both the cold and the rain to see the parade. Zeke sported a fancy Christmas light necklace up town.

The parade was one of the wettest yet, but it was a lot of fun. I think even Zeke enjoyed himself! We hurried home to a crockpot full of mom's delicious chili. I gobbled down a bowl and a half topped with yummy hot sauce.

But the best was yet to come...a chocolate chip cookie lava cake with French vanilla ice cream on top! It was delicious, but almost too rich to finish. I ate most of my cookie and gave the ice cream to Casey to finish. It was just a little too sweet after that exploding cookie!

We both made it back into the city safely and now are all ready for bed. I think I might hit the hay early tonight. I don't work in the morning, but I have another dentist appointment in the morning. This will be my second of four appointments to have all of my dreaded cavities filled. I also have a consultation appointment with an oral surgeon on Thursday to have my wisdom teeth checked out. Yikes!

Have a wonderful night!

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