Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chillin' at Starbucks

No better way to spend your lunch break than to relax at Starbucks and listen to Christmas music. Yes, I said Christmas music! The Michael Buble "Christmas" album just came out and I'm already obsessed, a) because it's Michael Buble, and b) because it's Christmas music!

I go all out and celebrate for an entire two months. As soon as Halloween's over, it's Christmas in my books! Anyway, if you haven't listened to Michael Buble's "Christmas" album yet, you really should.

Back to chillin' at Starbucks...I brown bagged my lunch today so I could stay and relax at Starbucks. I brought some vegetables and dip, and spelt cakes with swiss cheese to eat. I also had a Luna Bar during my morning shift, but it went unphotographed.

And now I have to head off to the next job. Why do lunch breaks always seem so short? I'm scheduling a nap when I get home from the school today before Zeke's obedience class. It's official.

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