Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Today feels like a Saturday. Casey had the day off because we have to get Zeke's vaccinations updated, meet our photographer to tour the venue, attend our wedding rehearsal, and have a rehearsal dinner at our apartment as planned by our parents. Phew! We also just finished cleaning our apartment, so it is spotless for tonight.

We both slept in a little longer than usual and took our time making breakfast. That make it feel like a weekend and since we both worked long days yesterday, it felt like a Saturday. Casey is going back to work tomorrow for the last time before the wedding, but I'm officially done work!

We are running out of a lot of groceries, but we had just enough ingredients to make a large portion of French toast to share.

I had three pieces of French toast, two regular pieces of bread and one super thin end piece. It was extremely filling! I feel like I won't get hungry again until dinner.

Who's legs are under there?
We're off now to take Zeke to the vet. Wish him luck! (Poor guy)

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