Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I Made It!

Alright folks, I made it through today alive! Hooray!! It was a busy one, but I survived.

I spoiled my dinner with two Timbits (aka doughnut holes) and a small cookie from the barn at which I teach riding lessons. With my meal schedule officially bumped back, I didn't manage to make dinner until 9:30pm!

Because it was soooo hot out today, dinner was a quick chocolate banana green monster smoothie. It wasn't that great...actually it was kind of terrible! The banana was a little green, the chocolate milk I used wasn't sweet enough so I added agave which did not cooperate with the green banana. It turns out green banana plus agave equals banana medicine smoothie. Yuck!

Nasty green monster!

I don't work tomorrow, so I hope to make lots of delicious foods. I can't wait!

And before I forget, I have a surprise to share with you all! Today I stopped at the jewellers after work to pick up my wedding band! Our wedding is only one month away and we now both have our wedding bands. They're locked up safe and sound until the big day!
The wedding band!

They complete eachother.

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